June is the month many of us wait for – it’s the official kick off to SUMMER! Many of our favourite restaurants have their fresh, bright summer menus on display, the grass is greener and the garden centres are buzzing.

Spring and summer are a busy time. The weather is generally better and everyone wants to get to work sprucing things up at their home after the winter months. It is a robust time for home sales and for people to update their homes to make them more comfortable and enjoyable. We see new colours and patterns, trendy outdoor living spaces and a refresh of the interior.

One of the areas of the home that is often overlooked but that is absolutely essential is window coverings. Not only do they offer control of heating/cooling/shading, they provide privacy and security. And most importantly, in our humble opinion, they allow you to alter the whole feel of an area by making a simple change. Not only can you customize them for your interior, they can help complete the look of your outdoor living space as well.

A few questions not often considered when looking into new window covering options: is this the right type of shade for the exposure? Am I making a wise investment with my money? Does this come with warranty? When choosing a company like Hunter Douglas through Portfolio Interiors we can undoubtedly answer a confident YES to all of the above. We’ve chosen to work with Hunter Douglas because of their lifetime warranty, quality and selection. Another bonus: Portfolio Interiors gives you the white glove service from the moment you walk in the door to well after your window coverings have been installed making your purchase a confident one.

If you are reading this and thinking, there’s no way I can afford to buy a house, and style it exactly like I want, think again. Including window coverings into the mortgage during the purchase of the home allows you to move into a house and feel at home without needing to save or apply for further credit. It also gives you a great selling feature when it is time to move on from your current home. Here’s a fun fact: were you aware that mortgage rules and regulations allow you to roll both furniture packages and window coverings into your mortgage making the newness more affordable? It’s true!  Adding $20,000 into your mortgage will result in only adding about $100 to your monthly payment*

Working with our award-winning interior designers at the time of purchase, construction or when redesigning your home is smart planning. You have someone that can walk you through the process no matter what stage you are in. Consulting with a professional designers can help you increase the value of your current home, see potential in a future home and create inviting spaces uniquely curated for you and most importantly, save money!




*based on a$450,000/$470,000 mortgage respectively at 3.29% 5 year fixed rate with a 25 year amortization.

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