Beautiful sunshine, flowers are starting to bud, and most everyone has that urge to take down walls and make huge changes to their living spaces. STOP! Let’s think about what it is that we want to accomplish and most importantly let’s think about our budget.

If you are not quite ready to do that major renovation in your house, there are many things that we can do both inside and outside to make your house feel like a home again.  Shall we begin?First and foremost, the best way to make a home feel new again is through paint.  This is truly where you get the most bang for your buck, it will transform your space and by changing out pillows, adding a couple of colour popping accents, perhaps changing an art piece and either adding or changing out an area rug, this makes the space new again. Another trick of the trade is to walk through your house, room to room, is there anything be it a side table, a picture, a table lamp, an interesting chair that could be repurposed in another space. This is a great trick to make an area new again.  If you are renting and painting walls is not an option, change out your pillows and add colour through accents, it will feel refreshed.

We can also use this method in the kitchen, as we know this room can be the costliest to renovate, but if it isn’t in the budget this year, and you are able, paint out your cabinets and change the hardware, a quick and easy fix to make this space feel new again.

You may be thinking great ideas but I have so much stuff, let’s talk about decluttering.  This is a daunting task for a lot of us that have a hard time letting go of things, the trick is 30 minutes.  Pick a room and start, is it a must keep, is it a donation, or throw away/recycle, the key is that when your timer goes off, leave that room.  30 minutes a day is all that you need to get on the path to organization. Trust me it does work, and it becomes easier to make those hard decisions as you realize that a lot of the things, we keep is just “stuff”.

Quickly moving to the outdoors, think about how you like to use your space.  Would you like to have separate spaces or one bigger space that would accommodate, an eating area, a lounging area and a cooking area.  For separation, think about using potted plants such as Canna Lilies, bamboo, or even tall grasses.  By strategically placing these pots, different zones are easily attainable, plus you get to enjoy the beauty of the flowers and the greenery.

Still overwhelmed?  Call Portfolio Interiors, one of our Designers would be happy to walk you through the process and give you pointers on how to love your home again.


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